Manuscript evaluation

You have finished a first draft, and are wondering, “I don’t know what to do with this.”

Manuscript evaluations provide a full editing workup on your draft to address structure and stylistic positioning of the work. The manuscript evaluation provides you a minimum of 3 pages of notes including feedback, questions and suggestions on how to improve the manuscript.

Evaluations are $1,500 flat rate, based on length of work.

Substantive edit

You are on the second draft of your manuscript, having worked through that ugly duckling phase of the first initial draft and cleaned up glaring errors. But you don’t know if the manuscript “works,” quite yet.

Substantive editing, also known as developmental editing, takes a deep dive into your work through the lens of structure: exposition of plot/information, order of events, form, character development and thematic elements.

Developmental (aka substantive) editing is $75/hour.

Stylistic edit

You have a solid second/third draft of a manuscript which has been rewritten and revised into the order you know is right for your story. It’s a good draft, but you want to make it great.

Stylistic editing (also known as a line edit) spends time on making it an enjoyable read: establishing the necessary voice and tone, clarifying meaning, refining language and diction. May also include some copy editing.

Stylistic editing is $70/hour.


Your manuscript is now at the third-draft stage, having been read by someone else and extensively revised and refined.

Copy editing covers accuracy, consistency and quality: grammar, spelling, punctuation, stylistic consistency and correcting/querying information to be checked for accuracy.

Copy editing is $65/hour.


Your manuscript has been designed is ready for publishing, but you need one final read-through to make sure it is absolutely perfect.

Proofreading examines the material after layout/in its final format to correct any errors in textual and visual elements. Design adherence, minor mechanical errors, page numbering, etc., are included at this stage.

Proofreading is $55/hour.