The tale of fear

This being Halloween, I find myself pondering the tension between the value and ethical challenge of fear in stories. Fear comes first, before fight-or-flight. It prompts reaction. It can be entertainment that people crave, evidenced through the billion-dollar industry that produces films in horror genres like suspense, gore, slasher, thriller, psychological and possession. We line … Continue reading The tale of fear

Telling the story of UBC Okanagan

UBC's Okanagan campus launched its inaugural campaign in 2018, telling stories of research and learning experiences uniquely available in Kelowna. I was proud to contribute to this initiative by writing two stories. Aging Well This story showcased researchers drawn to the Okanagan region's cluster of viticulture and wine production, and the unique and meaningful connections … Continue reading Telling the story of UBC Okanagan

Meet Simone

Thanks so much for stopping by my site! Here's the 411 on my professional background: I have over 20+ years of communications experience, including in journalism, local government, non-profits and education. My writing as a journalist won national and provincial awards, and I have carried that passion for the written word into a career harnessing … Continue reading Meet Simone