This year, I find myself more grateful than ever at Thanksgiving. We are seven months into the pandemic, and this moment in time has extended from what we thought would be a few weeks of working from home into months, if not years, of precautionary measures. I am exhausted just typing that out.

The learnings have been abundant. We focused on the important things like health, shelter and basic income, while using technology to connect with those we love. Each day was a lesson in taking stock in what’s important.

I think that’s why I misted up a bit when I saw this YouTube channel recently. Oskar Mose Adventures is reading children’s stories to help kids go on exciting adventures by encouraging them to use their imaginations and creativity.

I had a lot of memorable assignments as a reporter, but getting to cover toddler storytime at the local library was just what the doctor ordered for a rough day at the office. And it’s like these videos hit the rewind button on life for a bit, when our biggest worries involved how to mix paint colours during art time.

Check out their channel – I’m sure things will be a little lighter after hearing Oskar’s dad read a story or two.